Elizabeth Flynn, NC & SC Realtor®

Looking for a Trusted Real Estate Adviser?

Buyers and sellers gravitate to real estate professionals who possess a strong business acumen and understand the unique dynamics of their community and surrounding neighborhoods. You are in excellent hands with Elizabeth Flynn who is proud to call Charlotte home since 2005! She's a knowledgeable ambassador of the Carolinas, passionate about the quality of life, people and being a short drive from lakes, mountains, and the coasts.

Elizabeth and her Team are poised and dedicated to making residential & commercial transactions as smooth and worry-free as possible. Elizabeth values and respects your time, understands the process, and uses a white glove approach to walking clients through the legalese from concept to closure.

Elizabeth’s negotiation skills, geographical awareness and boots on the ground resourcefulness is a valuable differentiator. Clients and closest advisors can attest, she is passionate and focused about delivering the highest level of customer service with a proven track record to: Communicate, Solve-Problems, Mitigate Risks, Remove Hurtles, Stay Proactive and Simplify the Process…….while Making It Fun!

As a mother and active community liaison, buyers and sellers appreciate her vast knowledge of schools, traffic, economics, lifestyle, and outdoor opportunities throughout the Carolinas. Backed by a deep network, Elizabeth can serve you throughout the Carolinas or connect you with a knowledgeable Realtor nationwide.